Hosannas When You Dance


My apostasy settled in
With a soft snap
Like a bone out of joint falls neatly
Back into its natural place.

I thrive here without your gods and miracles.
I have the full swing of my limbs.
Reason and chance are here
With beautiful hypothesis
And that winning striver evolution.

It is clean here without your
Bloody sacrifice and
Hidey-face shame about your wishes
And your crevices and nature-made desires.
Come into the light
All are welcome here.

Who then made all this?
You who perceive it.

Keep to yourself all glory.
All glory to you who breathe and dream and sing.
When you draw a bow across the strings
And heartsong fills the air
Praise be to you. Hosannas when you dance
And more to the droppers of seeds,
They who rise at blue dawn and wade in paddies,
Bend and tend.
All glory to the hands that weave,
to the builders and the bringers of relief.

“We act only from fear of gods.”
So the preachers preach.
“Without these gods
All would be chaos and dark.”

We would turn savage, turn
Upon each other and
Tear the wing of the
Pretty wren, or flowers, just for spite.
Only the laws of gods keep us upright.
We would cease to laugh and love
Would smash our babes on
Barren rocks and howl
Hatred at the far cold moon.

Phooey. Is not the motion of caress
Older and mightier than the glacial stone?
The elephants know no names of gods
Yet mourn their dead.
And should you see a sparrow falling, falling
You, godless, would catch her if you could
And break her fall. I know you would

I praise the human heart
That shines back at stars
Bright brilliant through
Up-turned eyes.
I worship the broad, fair, sovereign
Holy of holies human heart
Honed by itself through
Eons of bold
turning — toward the sun,
opening — to the cleansing rain,
hunting — for new or more,
and loving, pressed close
against the hearts of others.

In my apostasy, happy, I praise
Our mighty human heart,
The fickle, flighty, furious
Human heart of me and you,
Changeable, malleable, pure,
Able to float great barges of hope
Down or up the river of each another year.

RRC 2014